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With our history, would Virgin ever take part in an event like this if there were no music? No chance. So we’re right down the front – unless we’re soaking it up in the VIP section (ask nicely and we’ll sneak you in).

It’s never too early to get the party started.

The vision of Formula E is that of amazing DJs, bands and artists making up the bill at gigs after the races, and of the beats being laid on during the day in trackside dance enclosures as well as being played to the grandstands during the races themselves. It’s never too early to get the party started.

Image of someone taking a picture on a mobile at a gig Image of a DJ waving at the crowd at a Formula E after party event Image of DJ decks
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We often describe Formula E as being like a real-life video game. Indeed, that’s certainly the vision, so if you’re a gamer then you’ll get the chance to race against the drivers in real time – even if the race is in LA and you’re in Beijing.

It’s one massive global gaming experience.

If you’re not a gamer – well, now’s the time to try it because you’ll feel the thrill of hooking up to one massive global gaming experience that spills over in to the real world.

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This is where Formula E becomes truly groundbreaking. Unlike in any other form of motorsport, in Formula E fans are able to influence the outcome of the event by voting for their favourite driver before the race has even started, and, in fact, up to six minutes into the race.

You have the power to boost the drivers.

The three drivers with the most votes each get a FanBoost which provides an extra 100kJ of extra energy to be used in a power window between 190kW and 200kW. You can vote for Sam or Alex through Twitter and Instagram, by using the relevant hashtags, and also through the Formula E website and app.

To vote for Sam or Alex be sure to tag your Twitter and Instagram posts with either #FanBoost #Sambird OR #FanBoost #AlexLynn, or head to ‘fanboost.formulae.com

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